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Welcome To ENERGIZE!

ENERGIZE! a wellness center with comprehensive holistic health services.

Ours is a new wellness company that provides holistic health services, such as health and fitness assessments, posture analysis, health coaching, psychological counseling, nutrition counseling, personal training, fitness classes, medical counseling, physiotherapy, massage therapy, lunchtime walks / runs, and monthly health seminars.

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Our Green Zone and Self-Powered Cardio Machines

We are serious about being a Green Zone! For this reason, most of our cardio machines are green and self-powered, which means they use self-contained, rechargeable batteries and do not plug into an electrical outlet. In addition, most of our cleaning products are green and environmentally-friendly. We hope to have a water bottle filling station soon, which means that you can refill your reusable water bottle and do away with single-use plastic bottles. Finally, our windows are covered with film to reduce the effects of the sun, which can help decrease our use of air conditioning.


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