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Disclaimers: Be sure to have your doctor’s clearance before joining our fitness classes and small group training sessions. To ensure your safety, before registering for our My Best Me! Lifestyle Modification Program, you must receive written clearance from your physician and submit it to our health coach at your first appointment. Please collect the form on our Resources page, by email, or at our facility’s front desk.



EWS Brochure Cost of Services and Massages

My Best Me! Wellness Program

My Best Me! is the title of our six-month Lifestyle Modification or Wellness Program. Six months is typically the length of time it takes for most people to develop lasting lifestyle changes, which they can maintain mostly on their own — even through life issues and traumas.

One of the main goals is to have you adhere or stick to your program, by teaching you relapse prevention strategies, as you adopt and maintain healthier habits. The assessment process for this program has a one-time cost of $130.00, Thereafter, all re-assessments will be a part of your monthly fee, which is $305.00 and paid at the beginning of each of the six months of your commitment. Each month, you will receive two, 45-minute health coaching sessions and four, 45-minute small-group sessions with 2 – 5 people who have similar goals as yours. Also, at no additional cost, you will be able to come in and use our treadmills, ellipticals, and weight room.

Fitness Classes

All of our fitness classes are either at the beginner’s level or multi-level, as provided and supervised by a certified group exercise instructor. Each of our different classes will help you to improve different aspects of your overall fitness levels, heart health, flexibility, core strength, muscular strength, and bone density.

When appropriate exercise is combined with healthy eating and other healthy habits, most individuals will also experience loss of body fat and inches, which – for many – will equate a loss of pounds. Each class costs $18.00. Check out our EWS Fitness Class Schedule.

Health and Fitness Assessment

You may receive a comprehensive health assessment at the start of your Health Coaching and My Best Me! Wellness Program, depending on your current health status (per your doctor’s recommendations) and whether or not you are emotionally prepared (i.e., the results will not cause your more harm than good). Everyone must complete a Health-risk Appraisal and a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) at the start of this process. Based on the results, you may proceed directly to the remaining areas of the intake process and complete such as assessments for posture, body composition, blood pressure, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio.

Our cutting-edge segmental body composition analyzer will provide in-depth information about your muscle and body fat distribution, which can be used to guide the design your exercise program.

If you walk in for a body composition assessment, the cost is just $25.00. A complete health and fitness assessment, which does not include health coaching or small-group training costs $130.00 as a stand-alone assessment and as a one-time payment for the intake process for the My Best Me! Wellness Program (Read more about My Best Me! at the top of this page).Check out a sample results’ sheet for a 170-lb. male aged 45 years:Tanita BC Analyzer Example Results’ Sheet

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaching Approach is not prescriptive, but includes education, identifying realistic health and wellness goals, and the amount of support you require to get started, stay engaged, and remain motivated in achieving your goals. We will help you to increase your self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-reliance in being healthy for the rest of your life.

Our Non-Diet Approach means we will not put you “on a diet” and do not focus on just losing pounds. In our program, amongst many things, you will learn how losing inches and body fat can positively affect your health. However, our emphasis is on halting weight gain and weight-cycling (losing weight, regaining weight, then losing weight…). Your main goals will be to adhere to your lifestyle change, achieve improved health, and not aim to become “skinny” or “thin.”

We offer three Health Coaching Packages:
1. $130.00 Package includes six, 15-minute sessions, where you will come in either every other week or once a week. This package would be perfect for someone who is already exercising, but wants to understand how other areas of health affect one’s health; or learn how to overcome life issues that interrupt healthy habits.
2. $75.00 Package includes one, 45-minute health coaching session, which you can purchase as a monthly “Top-Up”, after you have reached your health and wellness goals.
3. Package for our My Best Me! Wellness Program entails two, monthly 45-minute sessions, which are included in the cost of this program (Read about the program at the top of this page).

Lunchtime and Evening Walks / Runs

Anyone can attend our free lunchtime and evening walks, which start and finish at our wellness center. Walking is one of the safest and most effective workouts for almost anyone! We will provide Urban Walks, which include walking with a certified trainer throughout the City of Hamilton. The walking routes will be through surrounding areas of the city and beautiful parks.

Our lunchtime (12:15 – 1:00 p.m.) Urban Walk Plus sessions will include walking and bodyweight exercises completed at intervals during the walk. We also offer Urban Walks from 5:30 – 6:15 p.m. Running will only be encouraged for those who have been cleared by their physician and/or our physiotherapist and health coach.


By appointment, our skillful massage therapists will be available to provide you with the appropriate type of therapy, including sports massage and improvement in tense muscles.

Medical Counseling

By appointment, our registered nurse will help you to understand any ongoing medical issues that you experience. Your personal physician will not be replaced and any physician recommendations provided will be included in your lifestyle modification program.

Monthly Health Seminars

At no charge, our clients can attend our monthly, informative health seminars, with such topics as heart disease, diabetes, finances, orthopedic issues, and so on. You will receive handouts. Sign-up can be done at our front desk or by calling. Guests can attend at a cost of $15.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is the foundation of any health and wellness program. The focus is on meeting nutritional needs for wellness and not on dieting. Our registered dietitian will provide consultations by appointment. She will discuss your current nutrition habits and provide appropriate advice. You will learn Mindfulness Techniques that help you to make intentional choices and understand what satiety and fullness feel like. Also, you will receive education about food shopping and food label reading, healthy recipes, and so on.

Personal Training

For many people, personal training is the primary tool for fitness success! You will receive hands-on assistance during your twice-weekly sessions. Your trainer will provide safe and effective customized workouts that will help you to positively impact your overall health and wellness. You can expect to see life-changing results within the first two months, including improved energy, strength and sleep. Within 3 – 5 months, you can expect to experience increased muscle toning, strength and flexibility. At this point, if you are otherwise healthy, your metabolism should enable you to burn fat calories as energy.

Each 45-minute, personal training session costs $65.00 and a 30-minute session costs $50.00. A 45-minute, small-group training session with 2 – 5 people costs $45.00 per person.


Should you require specialized correction of muscular imbalances or have acute or chronic joint pain, our physiotherapy consultant will work with you to help reduce these issues. Your quality of life can be significantly improved with physiotherapy.

Posture Assessment and Analysis

As a part of our My Best Me! Wellness Program or Health and Fitness Assessment process, you will receive a posture assessment and analysis to ensure that any muscular imbalances that you have can be identified and addressed with corrective exercises in your fitness program. Referral to your physician, and our massage therapist or physiotherapy consultant may be made, as not all issues are “just” muscular. If you wish to schedule just a posture assessment and analysis, the cost is $50.00.

Psychological Counseling

Our behaviors are linked to our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about ourselves and our life situations, whether they are positive or negative. You will receive consultations with our psychologist who will use a cognitive behavioral approach. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an action-oriented therapeutic approach, which helps you become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking. In this way, you can understand and view challenging situations more clearly, and respond to them in a more effective way. You will begin to discover the thoughts that negatively influence whether you begin and / or stick to a lifestyle modification program. One, 45-minute session costs $75.00.

Thriving Seniors Program

Our Thriving Seniors Program aims to assist those 60+ years to take concrete steps in maintaining a positive quality of life and independence into later years. Mondays from 12:15 – 1:00 p.m. we offer a Calypso Seniors Class taught by Aprille and a Tone & Stretch Class taught by Marie on Wednesdays from 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.! Seniors can pay just $5.00 for each class or purchase a 12-class punchcard. Optionally, Seniors may also pay $90.00 per month for the unlimited use of our treadmills, ellipticals, and all fitness classes. Check out our EWS THRIVING SENIORS FLYER

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